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Born in the rural Vere district of Jamaica and raised on the melodies of Reggae music pounding from his father’s boom box every evening after school, SammyBritish was influenced at a young age by the lyrics of greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. By the age of 16 he had already written over forty songs.

In his earlier years, in an effort to take up music seriously, he joined the Glenmuir High School festival choir which played a pivotal role in shaping his desire to be a performer. SammyBritish eventually emigrated to the United states for college where he got his first true experience with Rap & Hip hop music. He loved it. Over the next four years he would work to hone his skills in this genre he found not too dissimilar to reggae or dancehall and experimented with ways in which to fuse them.

This exploration seemed, to many, as a risk resulting in just reward. Adamant about utilizing his music to deliver a positive message, “this self proclaimed neo-rasta’s music is contemporary, energetic & fun” (Kevin Jackson, Jamaica Observer), while featuring a versatile lyrical arrangement with sublime metaphors, second to none. His musical expression features a variable fusion of styles, including Reggae, DanceHall, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock, effectively creating his own unique musical style and identity. One he jokingly dubbed “Reggae - Hop” during an interview with TVJ E-Primes’ Debby Bissoon in 2012.

In 2011 SammyBritish signed to indie label 8:O’Sics Entertainment Group which he co-founded earlier that year with Manager Da-Voice Grandison. In 2012 he went on to sign rising star Jamaican composer Joel Edwards to said label and ignited the fire which has forged what is now his debut Album “Original or Dead”. True to the revolutionary ideals from which Reggae and Rap originated this music is controversial but alluring, refreshing. But still only a tease to what is to follow.

Absent but not inactive, SammyBritish has been busy carving out his niche and expanding his reach and appeal. Opening up for J Boog at Webster Hall, to headlining and closing the show at College Spring Fest in Caldwell, New Jersey, to launching his own concert series “IN-D-VIBE” in Manhattan, propagating himself and showcasing the talents of so many other talented indie musicians and bands. SammyBritish has established himself as a prolific performer and respectable leader in the New York Indie world.

In addition to the many collaborations on his projects, SammyBritish now includes yet-to-be-released work with world renown Audio Engineer & Producer Daniel LaPorte who himself worked on platinum and gold records for the likes of Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige and Wyclef, among others. Currently and throughout 2013 SammyBritish has also been completing a collaborative album with Pop rising star F.E.M. which, judging from their previous collaborative performances on her EP “Jaded”, promises to be nothing short of amazing. SammyBritish keeps upping the ante every year. This recording artist exemplifies originality, as is the predominant chant from the title track off his album Original or Dead. As we continue through 2014, everyone is poised to see what he has in store for us. And justifiably so.

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19th January 2013 No Retreat From Destiny Tour ft. F.E.M. with special appearance by SammyBritish..

10th February 2013 Happy Punches ft. F.E.M. with special appearance by SammyBritish.

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